Lustre Age Defy Above 40
  • LUSTRE Age Defy Tablets are made for Mature People above 40 years old.With properly formulated ingredients to give the best efficacy to help combat skin blemishes such as pigm...
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Haniaz Ase, Bedok North Ave 3
Used to have pain in joints, hair fall and fingernails also breaks easily. After consuming Lustre High Grade Collagen over a couple of months, the pain in joints have reduced tremendously, there are clear signs of new hair growth and health fingernails observed. I am happy with the product!
Zeenat Ali, Boon Lay Drive
Face skin was dull, dark with uneven skin tone. Its was super dry, rough and sometimes pimple pops out. After taking 3 bottles of Lustre SkinPro tablet, skin improved. My friend told me that my skin was much better than before. Now it is smooth and clear. No more pimples. Continued taking SkinPro tablets.
Hairil Aman Bin Sanusi, Bt Batok West Ave 6
Face skin was very oily. Cheek always have pimples with parse, surrounded by small pimples. Felt very uncomfortable and itchy when perspire. After consuming Lustre Teenage Clear Skin, pimples got lesser, skin not oily anymore and scars were gone.
Nadiah Mohd Nasir, Woodlands Ave 6
Used to have poor skin texture. After consuming Lustre Skin Pro, my skin texture became better after 2 bottles consumed since 2005.
Jumaliyah Abdullah, Choa Chu Kang Ave 2
Before this, my skin was reddish and oily. It was too dry and it has pot marks. After trying Lustre Skin Pro, my skin became smoother and pimples are gone.
Sharifah Zainab Syed Harun, Anchorvale Road
Saya mengalami sakit sendi, lutut, siku, pengelengan tangan, sering rasa sengal, kulit muka kusam. Selepas mencuba High Grade Collagen, kulit saya kelihatan ceria dan nampak bersih. Kaki semua tidak sakit lagi.
Hadijah Suaidi, Punggol Drive
I had sensitive skin and black dots on my face. My skin texture was not good and I had some line on my mouth area. After consuming Age Defy 40, face skin got better, clearer and fairer. Wrinkles & lines near my eyes and mouth are not so visible now. My eye bags are getting lighter too.
Junaidah Roslan, Serangoon Ave 4
I had wrinkle problem, pigmentation on both left and right cheeks. I even had uneven skin tone and dark skin. After taking Skin Pro Tablet, my pigmentation got better and my skin's fairer. It took 3 months, for the improvement. The problem started in the year 2007. Now I have healthy nails and it reduced my wrinkles.
Nurizwani Azhar, Woodlands Drive 53
I had oily skin and also whitehead. After using Teenage Clear Skin, my skin tends to get more moisturized, not oily and no more whiteheads.
Norliza Ali Husin, Woodlands Ave 6
I used to have dry skin and nails, body aches and also frequent hair fall. After consuming High Grade Collagen, my skin became moisturized. I feel healthy as there wasn't much of hair fall and my nails looks pink now.