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Bodigard Nopal Cactus With Grapeseed Extract

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Bowel cleansing & detox. Helps reduce Post meals Blood Sugar Levels & Cholesterol.
Help relieve gout symptoms and ease joint discomfort.

Bodigard Nopal Cactus is made from natural Nopal Cladodes of the Nopal Cactus Plant.

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Product Description

  • Controlling blood sugar levels naturally
  • Reducing ldl cholesterol levels naturally
  • Natural weight management.
  • Natural bowel & colon cleansing
  • Natural supply of soluble and insoluble fibers
  • Grapeseed extract with anti-oxidant to eradicate free radicals
  • Great for improved blood flow
  • Better cardiovascular health

Recommended for:
Diabetic patients as an added health supplement.
People with family history of Diabetes
People with high Cholesterol levels
Weight management
Natural Bowel & Colon Detox
Natural sugar control

  • Take 2 capsules preferably 20-30 minutes before each meal or with each meal.
  • Nopal Cactus
  • Grapeseed Extract

I consuming Bodigard Nopal Cactus to control my diabetes & cholesterol level and treat my gout attack. So far, my medical check up goes well and my diabetes and cholesterol level is under control. Alhamdulillah.

Bodigard Nopal Cactus
– Mr Aziz, 58 years old

 “My bowel movement healthier and decrease cholesterol level”

Bodigard Nopal Cactus
-Shohidin, 32 years old

“My weight lost from 98kg to 90kg and Stay active in the workplace”

Bodigard Nopal Cactus
-Tahir, 52 years old

“Blood sugar and Cholesterol level is under control”

Bodigard Nopal Cactus
-Muliani, 60 years old


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